5 Ways Staying On A Budget Helped Cure My Acne

Now that I don’t work full time, I have to admit that my budget has been tight. I have to be wise enough to think about where my money goes and if it’s even worth it. Again, I have to prioritize. And because of that, I have to say goodbye to some skin care products that I used to buy on a regular basis just to pave way for much more free time at home doing things I love; like spending time with my husband, reading, exercising, writing and cooking my own meals. Doing those things makes me really happy.

But one thing I’ve discovered recently made me much happier: I HAVE CURED MY ACNE.


No makeup,no filter look. Again, my skin is far from being  perfect but notice how clear it is now compared before.  Read my previous post Acne Journey 1

I have never really thought about it but my slow way of living and living on a budget made a huge difference in my lifestyle. Which also helped my skin be healthier (not perfect!!) despite of not putting a lot of skin care products.

So to all of you who are also on a budget, worry not because having a small budget can also be an advantage at times. And here are the reasons why:

1.Being on a budget has forced me to forego expensive facial treatments which made my skin healthier.


At first, I felt bad because I thought that having facial treatments every month is a must in order to get better skin. But I have to work around what I have and make the most out of it. I figured I have to be religious in exfoliating twice a week using my favorite exfoliator. I also wrote a review on this here: Let’s Review Friday: Cure Natural Aqua Gel. I was forced to settle using natural ingredients like honey, milk, oatmeal, egg white, brown sugar etc., in order to make up for what I thought I was missing out: Facial treatments.  But when I’ve noticed that my pores are getting smaller because I no longer experience those pricking and all, I felt really really happy.

2. No gym membership, No problem.


I used to pay money in order to keep my gym membership. I thought that if I want to be healthy then that means I’ll spend this x amount of money. Sure it’s fine, if you have a budget for it. But for me who doesn’t have a lot to spare, I’d rather put my money on more important things than paying for a gym membership. So again, I prioritized. I told myself that I’ll just workout at home. So I got myself a yoga mat, dumbbell, and a jumping rope. I searched for exercise routines and tutorials on Youtube (By the way, there are tons of helpful videos) and there you go, I have my own gym at home.

I find it way better because I can workout at my own pace. I can play loud music and dance to it without worrying what other people think about me. I can work out wearing the comfiest clothes ever.

And the best thing is that, I CAN SHOWER RIGHT AFTER I COOL DOWN.

Okay I have a confession to make, I don’t take a shower in a gym. I just don’t feel like taking a bath in a public bathroom. So I usually wait to get home to shower or wash myself, which I’ve just recently found out can be one of  the reasons I breakout a lot on my hairline and jawline area. It’s because the sweat and the bacteria sit on my face for quite sometime.

3. No eat outs, No problem

It’s obvious that eating out can really suck my budget in no time. Hence, I have to prepare my own meals. I’ve learned to plan our meals, go to a local market near our house and cook everything from scratch. My husband and I also limit our visit to supermarkets because we tend to buy junk food and processed food.


I’ve learned to buy fruits and vegetables at a local market near our place.

It turned out pretty well and I can’t complain about the healthy benefits we’re getting. I usually cook more vegetables and minimize our meat consumption because meat is expensive. In the long term, I think eating a lot of meat can also cost money because it’s not good to our health. Doing so helped me cut down on greasy food which can cause acne and skin problems. I also have better digestion these days and we all know that poor digestion causes pores to clog.

4. No soda, No problem


Again, I’m on a budget. So it doesn’t make sense if I’ll spend money on sugary drinks which in turn will just cause enumerable diseases. Therefore, I must stick with water. Water, water and only water. I don’t want to state the obvious but hey it really does flush out toxins and keeps my skin hydrated.

5. No entertainment, No problem


Having a small budget on entertainment means you get to see your favorite movie on big screen as rarely as possible. It also means not going out a lot. So what to do? Get bored and feel bad for yourself? Hell no! You clean your house! You dust! You clean your room. You change your pillowcases  and bed sheets as often as possible. You sanitize here and there. hahahaha! ( I sound like someone with psychological disorder)  Organizing and cleaning actually give me peace of mind. And when you lessen your stress level, you get to focus better. It helps you think clearer and helps you focus on change and not on the problem. And being stressed out can actually cause acne. It can create havoc in our hormone levels which again can cause skin problems. Another thing is that, having a dirty pillowcase or bed sheet can also cause acne and skin impurities. So as dirty environment.

So if you’re on a tight budget, don’t feel bad about yourself. It’s all in the mind. It’s all about perspective. There are a lot of things you can do to stay beautiful even without spending a ton of money. And actually you can start now by thinking positive thoughts and strutting your best smile ever.


Much Love,

Teacher A











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