Let’s Review Friday: Cure Natural Aqua Gel


I’m getting a bit tired of my monthly facial cleaning routine because I somehow feel like pricking makes my pores even larger. I have done my research online and it seems like extraction can actually make pores larger because the repeated trauma to the pores will dilate the size of it. AHA!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!

That’s why I’m still in constant search for products that can replace my facial cleaning routine.

I’ve heard that pigmentation, pimples, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin, signs of wrinkles and dull skin are caused by dead skin. Therefore I have to exfoliate religiously to keep dead skin from clogging my pores.

Luckily, I’ve discovered Cure Exfoliating Gel. I first tried it when I received a free sample  of it. After using it, I swear I couldn’t stop gushing about it.


And yes, I happily purchased a bottle for myself.

So I thought of sharing to you guys the most amazing exfoliator I have ever tried.

It’s a gel exfoliator from Japan and it’s great to know that a bottle of this sells every 12 seconds in Japan. Seriously?

It has a clear color with a jello consistency. The product claims that it’s 90% water, preservative free, coloring free, mineral oil free and artificial fragrance free. San ka pa te?!


How to use this product?

  1. Wash your face then towel dry very well. Skin has to be dry because CURE doesn’t work well on wet and cold condition.
  2. Pump a good amount of product. I’d say a pump or two will do.
  3. Apply on your face and massage in circular motion for 30 seconds. Now, this my friends is the magical part where you get to say whoaaaaa. The clear formula slowly turns white and tiny balls of supposed dead skin start to form. The tiny particles are like glue in your hands that you try to get off by rubbing them together.
  4. Prepare to be amazed. After rinsing and drying your face, your face will look clearer, more vibrant and soft.

I can say that it’s a facial in a bottle. No, it’s magic in a bottle. I AM ECSTATIC my dear friends.

The price is a bit steep at first because one bottle costs 1,500 pesos. But since all you need is a pump or two of the product and use it twice a week (recommended), I think it can last for quite a while. Not to mention, I’ll be saying sweet goodbye to paying facial centers. No more transportation cost and  no more extra tip be given to aesthetician.

A money saver right?!

Over to you, how do you take care of your skin…. on a budget?











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