A Day In My Life

Hello loves! A lot of people have been asking me what am I up to these past few days. I guess the curiosity sparks due to my frequent posts on social media regarding my work and my life as a wife. I got a lot of questions like, ” are you still working? how come you can spend the rest of the afternoon at home?”

Okay, so I thought it’s interesting to share how I spend the 24 hours I am given every day.

6:00 am – Alarm Rings


My alarm goes off around 6:00am- 6:10am from Sunday to Thursday. Honestly, I’m already up at around 5:40am and just waiting for my alarm to go off. Hahahaha!  I know….I’m crazy.

6:15 am- Talk to Him

I thank God for another day and I pray for guidance. I usually look at my sleeping hubby because I find him so cute when he’s asleep. Pag tulog lang. Char. He wakes up at around 7 in the morning because he starts work at 9am and his office is so near our house.

6:15am-6:45am-Shower, Get Dressed and Do my makeup


I head to our bathroom and take a short bath. I swear, I can finish taking a bath in 10 minutes or so. Even my husband takes longer to shower than me. Hahaha! #LigongPato.

Getting dressed is easy because I plan my wardrobe for the entire week. Now for hair and makeup, my hair is naturally straight so all I have to do it is to let it dry and brush it. Oops! Most days, I don’t comb or brush it. Hahaha! I just let it dry in front of a fan. Hahaha! Yes, I don’t use a hair dryer because I heard it can cause dryness and further damage to our hair. And syempre, for a kuripot like me I’m not willing to use more electricity just for my hair. Well at least, not for my every day look.

For makeup, I don’t spend a lot of time in dolling up. I just try to tame my eyebrows, wear foundation, mascara, eyeliner and blush. When I feel like putting bronzer and highlighter, that means I have 5 more minutes to spare.

6:45am-7:00am Breakfast

Yay!! My favorite part of my mornings. Breakfast!! I usually eat oatmeal, bread , apple or banana. While eating, I check my Facebook and mail.

7:00am-7:10am Straightening up our tiny home and leave for work

I wash the dishes right after eating breakfast and do a little tidying before I leave the house. I hate hate hate coming home to a messy home.

7:45 am Arrives at work

My work commute is nice and breezy because I live near my office. Best decision I’ve ever made!! I grab my coffee mug and drink coffee at work while setting up my computer and checking my schedule for the day.

8:00am to 1:00pm Work, work, work

For the next five hours, I work. I spend my day conducting classes or preparing for my classes for the rest of the week. My day is filled with fun learning and teaching.

1:00pm Leave work


When my friends and I are in the mood, we grab a cup of coffee or just have lunch together. But most days, I go straight home.

1:30pm Home

Yay! I’m back home. I can’t wait to change to my comfiest lounge wear.

1:30pm-2:30pm Make dinner


I prepare dinner at this time because I have to work at 6:00pm. So I head to our kitchen and cook dinner for me and my hubby. I cook our meals while watching my favorite Kalye Serye. Hahahaha! #Aldub. I also drink my afternoon iced coffee fix.



2:30pm-4:30pm Blog/Write/ Check my mail/ Do more freelance online job


It’s usually sweltering in our house at this time. And honestly, it’s so challenging to work. I feel so exhausted and sweaty so most of the time, I lay down and take a short nap.

4:30pm-5:30pm Workout


I only workout at home. I do weight training and follow nice workout videos on Youtube. If I feel like sweating more, I do jumping rope.

5:30pm-6:00pm Take a bath and prepare for my home based teaching job.

After sweating profusely, I love to take a shower and fit into my comfy sleepwear. At 5:55pm I should be logging in to Skype and pulling up the materials I’ll use for my classes.

6:oopm-7:00pm Conduct Online English Tutorials.


I teach for 50 minutes. This is another blessing I’ve received from God. I swear I really enjoy conducting classes at the comfort of my home. The money I earn from this, is what I use to save up for what I call “Learning funds.”  I like taking short courses and workshops because I like to keep myself busy learning things. The next workshop I’ll be attending is a professional makeup course. I’ll share more about it soon.

7:00pm-7:30pm Eat dinner


I eat dinner alone or with my hubby. Sometimes, he would text me to not wait for him anymore because he’ll get home late from work.

7:30pm-8:00pm Clean the house

I wash the dishes, clean my kitchen and scrub the floor. Yes, I scrub the floor every single day. Hahaha! I know… I’m crazy. I do this while watching evening news.

8:00pm-8:30pm Watch TV or read a book


I’m starting to love the show in GMA 7. Kapuso here! My Poor Senorita. I just find Regine Velasquez funny and natural at acting.

8:30pm-10:30pm More freelancing job.


10:30pm- Devotional prayer

Thank God for everything and ask for His guidance. Ask for forgiveness and mercy. I have prayers in my heart for me, my family and for my friends. I love how after a long day, I know I have Him waiting and ready to listen to me.

10:30pm Get ready to bed

There you go. That’s how my usual days go but that’s only from Monday to Thursday. I also work during Sundays but I work long hours on that day because I have to make up for working shorter hours during weekdays. Sooo busy that I must go to church every Saturday instead of Sunday.

My Thursday is also a bit different because I have to attend worship service at night. So instead of conducting online classes from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, I push it to 9:00pm to 10:00pm.

My rest days are Friday and Saturday so during those days, I have different schedules.









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