Wedding on a budget

Hello hello! So today I’ll share with you how we managed to squeeze every extra penny we could out of our humble budget. I must say that we’re blessed with loving and generous family and friends who helped us make our wedding possible. With all those generous help we’ve received, we had to make sure that those “gifts” were properly utilized and managed. I’ve listed down few things that were shared to us by our family and friends which had helped us for our wedding preparation. I figured I’ll share some tips with the intention of paying it forward.


Planning ahead can save you time and money. Give yourself at least a year to have ample time to shop around for the best suppliers. More so, some suppliers can give a sort of early bird discounts if you book ahead of time.


Have a solid priority. This will help you decide and cut corners. It’s okay to consider other people’s opinions but also remember that it’s your wedding day, so the final say is on you and your fiance.

My husband and I scrimped on wedding flowers and decors. For us, less is more. We opted for silk flowers for our wedding reception and we got a huge discount with our caterer because of that.


Minimal wedding flowers


Silk flowers made by our caterer


We chose Dangwa Florist for our flower bouquet and church wedding flowers. I told them upfront that we only got a modest budget so they had to customize their package for us. They were also professional enough to deliver the flowers on time.



My dearest bridesmaids who willingly paid for their own dresses as a wedding present for me and my hubby.



They even paid for their own hair and makeup. Big thank you dearest sisters!!!! You are all so amazing.



I believe that your friends and family can always give you the best deals. If they can’t give any further price reduction, surely they’ll be more than willing to go extra miles to help you.


Wedding Coordinator: Events Republic, headed by my friend Yvette.



Hair and Makeup: The Hair and Makeup Team                                                  My friends Alou and Amy are professional makeup artists. One of the great advantage of working with your friends is that it feels so comfortable dealing with them.




My super awesome and beautiful friend Nikki hosted our wedding. Her wit and intelligence contributed immensely in keeping our guests happy and comfortable. Truly an ambassador of fun and  awesomeness.Thank you dearest  Nikki.


Our caterer was J’s aunt so we got great discount.



Know how much you can afford. Doing so can give you an overview on where to splurge and where to scrimp. Moreover, you’ll identify how many guests you can really afford to invite. We actually had to cut our head count down to 100 guests because there’s no way we can afford more than that.

Final say: I’ve always believed that with constant prayers and planning, everything is possible. They say that “the amount of money you spend on a celebration is not a correlation to how wonderful it will be.” If there’s a will, there will always be a way.


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