7 Tips on finding the perfect wedding dress


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I really don’t have any design in mind for my wedding gown. To be honest, I think wedding gowns are all equally beautiful and stunning. If a gown suits me well and I feel comfortable with it, then it’s great na for me. So choosing a gown isn’t a challenge anymore.


JFagela Photography

I told my fiance that I just want to buy a ready made gown because I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other tailors in Divisoria who couldn’t deliver their promises on time. I even heard from a friend na pabalik-balik na sila but still the mananahi couldn’t get the right design she wanted. And I hate to be in a position wherein I don’t have any choice but to accept mediocre jobs even though I paid for it. So ayun we went to Divisoria and to his surprise, I didn’t have any troubles in choosing a gown. The gown fits me and my budget perfectly off the rack . He even asked me if I’m certain with my choice na. And guys, you won’t believe how inexpensive my gown is. My gown is even much cheaper than  J’s attire.

I think, that’s the best decision I’ve made for my wedding preparation. I got a simple, comfortable and beautiful dress without too much drama and unnecessary stress. Sa totoo lang, everybody got so surprised whenever I told them how inexpensive I scored my gown. Nasa nagdadala lang din naman kasi yun and kung how much confident you are in wearing it.

So here are my 7 tips on finding the perfect wedding dress:

  1. Comfort – Don’t get too excited with the style or design and just tell yourself to go on a diet to lose weight and fit in to that dress. NOOOOO!! Pick a dress that fits your current body definition. Choose something that will allow you to go about your wedding rituals with comfort. The last thing you want is to be grouchy on your wedding day because you can’t breathe and move comfortably.
  2. Budget – Prior to visiting a dress shop, you should have already set an amount you can spend on your dress. Yes you want it to be special and all but also remember that you are only going to wear it for a day. Unless you plan to get married again or renew your vows. Another thing, is to be upfront with your stylist about your budget. This will help you narrow down your choices and get what’s best out of your money.
  3. Know what you really want- This will eliminate unnecessary stress and confusion.Take advantage of all the resources in the internet and search for inspirations or pegs. Bring an idea board with you or photos on your phone. Can you see yourself walking down the aisle with that dress? For me, your wedding dress should match your personality. Is it age appropriate?  You don’t want to feel insecure on your big day, do you?
  4. Always choose a reputable tailor– Okay the budget is tight. I get it. But don’t just go with the one who quotes you the lowest. Ask around.Ask your friends if they can recommend a good and committed stylist. Because it will cost you more to alter a terrible work. Not to mention, it will make your stress level on the rise.
  5. Make time for it- Set a comfortable timelines and allow a cushion for you and your stylist to breathe and think in perspective.If you rush your tailor with their work, more or less, it will show. During fitting, bring a camera with you so you can take photos and see yourself wearing the dress from all angles. Try as many dresses you need to but don’t try on too many, as to avoid confusion.
  6. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale– I know that SALE is the best word ever. However, it can also derail us from what we really want. Sometimes, you go for something you don’t even like in the first place just because you consider the discounted price you can take advantage of. If the dress is really what you really like and the size is perfect, then by all means it’s a great deal. Some people buy a dress because it’s on sale, even though it’s not in their size. If you really have to that, at least go for what’s closest to your size.
  7. Don’t buy something because it’s on trend– For me, your wedding dress should be timeless. It should never go out of style. I chose something that is simple. If you could’ve noticed, I focused on the top of my dress. I think it’s very important because it’s what people notice the most.


So for all the brides to be, feeling so much stress? Don’t be. I know exactly how you’re feeling. However, just always remember to enjoy the wedding preparation because in retrospect, it’s going to be one of the most beautiful chapters in your life.

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