La Mesa Eco Park Engagement Photo shoot

Hello hello! As promised, I’ll share some tips which might help those future brides out there. This post will just be all about our engagement photo shoot and how we pulled it off on a limited budget. It doesn’t mean naman na tipid hits e panget diba? The key is creativity. Do your own research and always stick to your priorities so you won’t go beyond your budget.


JFagela Photography



JFagela Photography

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JFagela Photography

We opted out for the video teaser because I am not comfortable sa mga acting ganap and because of that, we had that excluded from the photo/video package that we got. We chose La Mesa Eco park as a location because peg  namin yung mga puno puno effects. We didn’t want to go out of town because we didn’t have much time and money to spare. The challenging part though, is that there are a lot of people in the area. However, if you have a great photographer he’ll find ways to get a good shot. Parang BDO lang, we find ways. Corny alert. Sorry na.

We only paid 5o pesos per person for the entrance fee and 150 or 200 pesos for the electricity fee. I added another 2oo pesos because we rented tables and chairs for our  makeup session. We also brought our own food, although we bought our lunch inside the Eco park. But don’t worry because the prices are reasonable naman. Libre din ang parking and may bihisan din naman kaya hindi hagardo.  In fairness, well-maintained ang mga restrooms kaya keri. Another thing I like is that you don’t have to do anything to reserve or register. All you have to do is to go there on the date of your photo shoot,pay and viola. As far as I can remember, they are open every day from 8am to 5pm.

As for our outfits, we didn’t buy new ones just for the photo shoot. We just used what we already got since laid-back naman yung theme namin. So my tip if you’re on a budget, is to choose a simple and relax na theme para you won’t need to spend money and just be resourceful with what you’ve already got.

Ayun sana nakatulong ang post na ito. I’ll be posting more about our tipid hits.





2 thoughts on “La Mesa Eco Park Engagement Photo shoot

  1. hello po! Nice photos :)) I was wondering po if hiningan pa po kayo ng permit to shoot there sa eco park? some places kasi nanghihingi pa ng permit to shoot and stuff like that. I’m planning to have a photoshoot din po kasi doon. Thank you!

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