Why do we work and save money?

Money is a very sensitive topic. It is something that most people try not to talk about, especially if one is on a tight budget. I know it’s quite embarrassing to say that you can’t afford something. I used to be that kind of person and honestly, I still find it challenging to let other people know that I’m not comfortable blowing off my hard earned cash.


For us Filipinos, we have such generous hearts and we always like to present our best self. Furthermore, we don’t want to be considered as stingy or “kuripot.” However, it can lead to negative outcomes like going over our budget or getting into debts just to own things we can’t afford in the first place.


But if we take a closer look, being matipid is something not to be shy about. It’s okay. Darling, you don’t sacrifice and work hard from 8 to 5 just to buy shiny in your face luxury items, do you?

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We work so we can glorify God through the works of our hands.

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Many people think that you are plain selfish when you try saving your hard earned money.

But I see saving money as following God’s words.

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I try to be prudent so I’ll have more time and freedom to serve God and not be so tied to my job that I no longer have time to worship Him.

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I can afford to have more time and freedom to dedicate to my family.

I can bless others and do more volunteering.

We work so we can bless ourselves and others.

We work and save resources so we can live independently and not be considered burden to others. So we can live a decent life by taking care of what God has blessed us.

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