A change of heart


Hello there!

So for the nth time I’d be apologizing for being so lazy and crazy
for not being able to update as much as I can.
Things have been so chaotic and lots of things have changed since
the last time I blogged.
First, I think that I was wrong when I thought that I’m ready to be
self-employed. Well, I did try it. However I got so bored. I only
tried it for 2 months though but the thing with being a freelancer is that you get to feel that somehow you are not working at all!!! Hahahaha!
I may have failed but I have learned a lot.
What I have learned:

1. Lack of self-discipline
I find myself waking up sooo late that I could no longer accomplish
a lot of things. Since I’m just always home, it’s challenging for me
to train my mindset into work mode while working beside my bed.
hahaha! So much temptations! hahaha!

2.Financial readiness

I also realized that I am not yet financially ready for that kind of
setting. The lack of stable income and unpredictable pay dates can
cause so much strain on my finances.
3. Insufficient skill
I have come to understand that my skills are still premature. I still
have a lot to learn and master. I believe that if I’m employed, I can
take advantage of the trainings and seminars that my employment can
4. Benefits
This is one of the most important thing that I considered. I gotta be
honest that medical bills are the most fearful ones. It’s so
unpredictable and not to mention, so darn expensive.

I know that what I have mentioned above can actually be managed and
may be so shallow for others. Despite that, I’m glad that I was able
to experience being a freelancer even just for a short time, for it
gave me a clear preview on how it feels to be one. It challenged me to
work even harder and to develop my skills and attitude towards work.

Maybe not for now, but I still don’t dismiss the idea of being a
freelancer. Maybe someday. But for now, I shall take advantage of my
new job. Yes! I already got a new job and it’s giving me happiness
that I can learn a lot on this new company where I’m now working for.
I still need to grow. I still need to learn. Soooo grow and learn with
me, won’t you?


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