Friday Inspiration

bouq 2

invi4 diy-burlap-boutonniere-01 church decor 1 reception decoration

I rushed to my office this morning because I was running late, only to find out that my first class got cancelled and the best part is that my next class is going to be at 2:30. Great! That gave me almost 7 hours break. What to do? What to do? hmmmm..

So I told myself. ” Take it positively my deary!”

Viola! I just browsed through Pinterest and looked for wedding inspirations. I kid you not, but it’s already 11:18 am and I still haven’t had my first cup of coffee! Now I’m talking about being so enthusiastic at browsing. Hahahaha!

I got my much needed inspirations for my wedding and I  just hope I can pull off those DIY projects!

I’m confident that I can do those! Well, I have my God and my best friend Google.

I’ll keep you in the loop loves!

Have a happy Friday! Smile!

*Photos were grabbed from Pinterest.Credits to the owners.


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