Oh how I love Sundays. I get to wake up 30 mins. later than my usual 5:30 in the morning alarm. I get to fulfill my church duties as a PNk teacher. I get to attend  the worship service. I get to have lunch with my family along with the kwentuhan at asaran. I get to have an hour or two quiet time to reflect and read while sipping my coffee. I get to play with our dog. I get to enjoy my freshly laundered clothes which I will press before I sleep. I get to run or play badminton with the fiance.   
Oh and now I can get to marvel at these babies my mom bought. We had a wonderful walked at the park yesterday and she was surprised at how much I love flowers. She got me these and since we couldn’t have a garden in our tiny house unit, she just made the best out what we have. Moms are just so awesome at being resourceful, aren’t they? #GodWonders #MamaWonders #SimpleLife #Marigold #MosquitoRepellingPlants



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