No matter what, just show up!!

expe paper

This experimental thesis has taught me a lot about life, way more than what our experiment is really about. My major requires four theses in our curriculum and by far, this is the most stressful school work I have had. Why? Well I can take blame on this one. I relaxed too much and procrastinated, knowing that since I was able to complete my three theses already, I managed to convince myself that this would be way easier. WRONG! My group expected that this thesis was due to be submitted by next week. As a result, we planned to start doing it lang dapat today. One of my group mate is also on a training in Hong Kong (Sushal) for her new job and ako naman and my other group mate  are pretty much busy with other requirements. Ayun chill na chill lang kami. However……..

Wednesday, March 25 8:00 am I received a text message from our professor… “April, the deadline for the encoding of grades is on Friday. You must present your paper on or before that day.” tandadanan!!! *insert here horror movie sound effect* Me: (kakagising lang)  HALAAAAAA!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!! (Sent messages to group mates) The biggest struggle with this paper was that I needed to have software that can run our data before it can be interpreted. AT OO WALA AKO NUN!!! Kaya may I panic na naman ako! For some reason, we had communication problems pa in our group and I was really pissed with that.

8 pm Still waiting for the data.

11 pm walaaaaaaa Thursday March 26 8 am Tired, worried, stressed and still waiting for the needed data. 12 noon wala pa din…..

3pm walaaaaaaaa

5 pm walaaaaaaaaa

8pm walaaaaaaaaaa wala na ding pag-asang makapag defense.

10 pm I talked to a classmate and a friend who’s willing to help me.

10:30 pm Group mates finally replied “waaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

11:00 pm “ayoko na gumawa, makikiusap na lang ako kay dean.”

11:30 pm messages on fb flooding… “eto na po naprocess na yung data…”

Friday, March 27 3 am Still working….. “ayoko na!!!! antok na ko may work pa ko tomorrow.” type ulit…

4 am “pikit lang ako sandali promise” patay!!!! tulog!

8 am Jumped out of the bed. showered. type ulit!!!!

9:50 am Work

12:00 noon type ulit……waaaaaahhhh “t:apos na kaso parang ampanget.”

4:20 pm out na sa work! Punta muna UP coop to pick up my other requirement that must be submitted on that day.

6:45 pm Arrived sa school. Direcho sa Dean’s Office. “Bahala na!! Lord, help po.”

8:00 pm Tapos na magdefense!!!!!!!!!!

! expe

Ngiti ng tagumpay!!! =D Winner not just because we completed our thesis but because I’ve learned a lot…

1. I’ve learned to persevere despite all the struggles, pressure and fears.

2. I’ve learned to face my fear of rejection.

3. I’ve learned my lesson to never be complacent.

4. I’ve learned to never procrastinate.

5. Most importantly, I’ve learned to  trust in what God can do. A midst my weaknesses and faults , He is always there to help and guide me. In fact, He sent me awesome classmates who helped me out. THANK YOU!!



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