Time flies

I have just finished my final examination for my Japanese class,and although I know to myself that my mark isn’t stellar, I still want to celebrate this day! I want to celebrate even little victories and as a way of celebrating, I intend to list down things I have accomplished, failures I have experienced and most of all so much learning I have had.

10476456_1613302388905180_1252071992403588301_n (1)

Remember my blur thesis? Here’s what my partner and I got! =D Oh dear, thank you Lord!!!


I also completed my clinical internship at a psychiatric institution. I regret that I didn’t update this blog about my exciting experiences there.


After four months hiatus from work, I decided to go back to the academy where I teach. I only work for 4 hours to 6 hours because I still have few subjects left at the university. However, this coming week will be the last week of my stay at the uni and I will then begin to focus on working. =D

I have just remembered, when I was blogging last year and venting about my failures and hesitations. Now, all my frustrations have been resolved despite of the hardships and difficulties I have faced. Clearly, all these victories are not because of my own capabilities but rather because of God who can turn impossible things possible.


OHHHHH! I’m also engaged!!! Yiheeeeee!

I’m not in my writing zone right now (so this post is far from being a good one) but I still decided to write this entry just to remind myself to be thankful and trust God no matter what the situation is right now.



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