Acne Journey 1

Jawline acne

Jawline acne


Acne breakouts

ACNE!!!!!!!!! I hate you from the bottom of my heart! Chos!

Here’s my theory as to why I breakout this badly:

1. STRESS!!!!! Thesis!! Need I explain more?

2. Girly time of the month.

3. Caffeine!

4. Unhealthy diet.

5. Pollution!!

6. I stopped using my VMV products because as I have mentioned on my previous post, I was so lazy lifting my heavy legs to go to the mall and buy my toiletries. Long story short, I tried a drugstore product that’s just easy to get my hands on then POOOFFF! there you go! huhuhuhuhu!!

My pimples are on my jawline.. I searched the net as to what is the cause of jawline acne and it turns out that it is more on hormonal imbalances and diet. Caffeine and meat consumption. I have to really be conscious of my diet despite having a crazy challenging schedule at school.


1. Learn to manage stress. Breathe in breathe out! Meditate. Pray. Don’t over analyze things.

*Not my photo

*Not my photo

2. Exercise regularly.

*not my photo

*not my photo

3. No more caffeine! I’m caffeine free for 7 days already. Yay!!! I hope I can keep it up. Instead, drink plenty of water and fruit juices. I don’t drink sodas so it shouldn’t be a problem for me. However, I like milk tea and coffee. So I have to be careful with that.

*not my photo

*not my photo

4. Eat balanced healthy meals. I mean to do this by reducing my intake of  processed food. I have read that consuming dairy products can also be a cause of acne. I have to reduce my dairy and meat intake. I will focus on anti-inflammatory diet compose of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has always been my goal but it’s very much challenging to do. Hahahaha!

5. I’m still thinking on getting back to using a birth control pills like Diane. It was prescribed to me before by my dermatologist because she thinks my acne is triggered by hormonal imbalances. It somehow helped me but didn’t completely vanish my skin problems. I decided to stopped taking it for 3 years now because I think I gained weight because of it due to change in my appetite and I also had mood swings.  Moody pa din naman ako even up to now and mahilig pa din naman akong kumain! hahahaha! So I don’t know if Diane is to blame for that.Hahahaha

*not my photo

*not my photo

6. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! 7 to 8 hours of sleep! =D

*not my photo

*not my photo

7. Maintain a clean room. Sanitize my laptop, mobile phone, change bed sheets and pillow case every day.

8. Keep hair away from my face and refrain from touching my face. Wash and sanitize hands regularly.

9. Minimize make up application. Back to no make up look! I got this oil absorbent sheet because I plan not to use make up at school. I’ll just remove oil from my face to avoid greasy messy look. hahaha!

I got two of this for 49 pesos.

I got two of this for 49 pesos.

10. Keep up with my regimen. Don’t be lazy. I got these VMV products. I bought all of these on sale, they offer 3 products as a set for 1,800 pesos so I think it’s a good deal for me. Plus I get to have Armada sample which I can try on.



It’s my 2nd day using these products and so far so good. I still have those pimples and they aren’t gone instantly but I’m thinking it’s fine for it doesn’t make my problem worse. I have to be patient for the result for what I’m actually thinking now is a long term lifestyle change. I no longer want those instant results that might back fire in the long run. I think I really have to focus on being healthy by eating healthy balanced meals, sleeping well, working out and managing stress.

I will update you guys about my journey to clearer healthy skin. =D Let’s do this!



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