Surprise yourself

Haluaaa! Few more days to go and this semester will be owvah! =D I’m gushing about it already am I not? Hahaha! Anyhow, I have kwentos about ganaps in school nga pala.

Di ba nga I’m always anxious and afraid to try new things? One of the things I have learned in our program in Psychology is to gradually face your fears. Deliberately face the things you are afraid of so you can prove yourself wrong! That you won’t actually die or suffer that much from doing those things and make yourself realize that knowing the path is so much more different than walking the path! (Heard that from The Matrix) =D. So eto na nga yung ganap..

Our professor required our class to organize a Psychology seminar in our school and so we had to do different tasks to pull it off. I’m a girl who is always at the back stage,that girl who is always busy planning and doing all the back office stuff. I thought I’ll just do the documentation task for the seminar, but when my classmates asked me to be the host, I was like… okay just give it a go. So I did! I thought that this will be my last year in the uni so if I mess up, they won’t remember me for long! Hahahaha! The night before the event, I was anxious! I’m afraid because I haven’t prepared enough since I had a lot of tests and deliverable in school . I reminded myself lang na huling push na ito and I have to make the most out of my school days. I stopped worrying and reminded myself not to over think! So what kung first time mo! Exciting nga iyon diba? Hahaha! Madaling sabihin yang mga bagay  na yan pag tapos na yung event or pag wala ka sa situation, but believe me if you are the one being put on the spot, you will feel anxious too! Pero, Thank God it turned out well and everyone was so surprised to know that it’s my first time lang sa paghohost! =D

10660230_883381101679973_3590610597772236971_n 10702188_883385678346182_2312672424761218496_n

I just enjoyed the event and appreciated every part of it. Do I look happy? My partner and I were joking our participants.



While our Dean was giving his opening talk. It was inspirational as well, he gave us spiritual perspective about dealing with fears and anxiety. To never forget that when things are getting overwhelming we can always.. always call on to our Father in heaven. He also advised us to never rob our present with the regrets of yesterday and worries of tomorrow. Just enjoy the present! =D


Look at my classmates! They just had fun doing their dance performance. They just prepared for almost 20 minutes because the ones who were supposed to perform didn’t show up. =C

I’m happy and proud of myself! Saktong sakto pa ang topic ng aming seminar diba?  About overcoming anxiety to unfold one’s  potentials, since we are just hindered from doing things we love because of our anxiety and fears. Keep facing your fears.. keep surprising yourself!


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