Last week, I was jumping up and down due to excitement for planning to have my make up done by a pro for my graduation picture. However, the dean of our college informed me about a Psych seminar that will be held in our campus. I got twisted as to where shall I allocate my money, whether I’ll spend it for my make up or attend a seminar. These days,  having a debate over what thing to prioritize is not new to me, knowing that my  tiny student wallet couldn’t afford both and me hesitating to blow my savings.I had to choose one over the other. I chose the seminar.

seminar 1

seminar 2

I’m glad I did! I have learned a lot of precious things and those speakers really did move me. Starting from a humble beginnings and being able to climb through the success ladder through painstaking and constant hard work, I told myself  that I can do it too. Maybe not as good as them, but I’ll just do what I can with whatever I have.

I also got this book from answering a question at the seminar. Hahaha! Parang nabawi ko din yung binayad ko. =D

seminar book

Education is really an investment. You may spend money now but you will have good returns later.

Oh and during the graduation photo shoot nga pala, nobody believed me when I told them that I just did my own make up.

Talking about stretching every peso! =D You? How would you usually decide on spending your money?


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