Kuripot Birthday

Every year I’m more excited to celebrate the bf’s birthday and he knows  I think a lot of nice ideas to brighten up his special day. This year is quite different though, I remember him telling me “please don’t think of anything stupid okay?” Hahaha! I admit that I’m kuripot but when it comes to making memories and experiencing things I don’t want to scrimp lalo na if it’s my loved ones birthday. Isang beses lang naman yun sa isang taon. Aminado ako na pag birthday ko, hindi talaga ako mahilig maghanda. Ayoko kasi ng magulo and maraming tao. Hahahaha!


Anyhow, my bimbi has no plans for his birthday and so am I. Sobrang busy namin pareho and we are really saving money since I don’t work nga and we don’t want to put a huge dent on our savings.  So we just went to Rockwell and did some grocery shopping and I just cooked his fave dish. 

blog He likes breaded porkchop, ayan nilutuan ko na lang sya. I swear this porkchop was a hit last night and my heart was jumping for joy when his family liked it too. Nasugatan nga lang ako pero keribels lang.

We also bought take away Spaghetti at Amber’s but I wasn’t able to take a decent shot of it. Hehehe!

My bimbi also got his favorite Loacker. =D 

 blog 1

Ay gumawa din pala ako ng Graham refrigirated cake at shempre di ko na naman napicture-an hahaha! (tama ba? napichuran? or napicturan?! LOL)

Siguro tumatanda na talaga kami pareho because we get to choose quiet,relaxing and simple things. I guess I’m lucky to find someone na pareho ko ng goals and values. Maybe next year we can plan ahead and find a special way to celebrate his special day but for now since we both have a lot of things on our plates  (sa school ko and sa work nya )we have to prioritize muna.Nga pala, siguo we only spend around 1000 php plus pero andami na ng naluto ko. I really prefer cooking over eating out. 

I’m not in a cheesy mood right now but I know that he knows that I love him so much and I thank God that I’m lucky to have my superman boyfriend. Happy birthday baby! I love you!!! 


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