A lot!

There are so much things to do, so much things to think about, so much things to know, so much things to try, so much things to fix, so much I can’t keep track.

Yeah I’m feeling a bit overwhelm right now. I think it must have been because I’m feeling lazy these days and things have been piling up that I can’t figure out how can I start doing it.  I don’t know. Or maybe because of my “feeling- perfectionist- attitude,” trying to find the perfect timing to do things, procrastinate and finally end up doing nothing. I don’t know. I thought after midterms examination I can finally breathe but now here I am stuck in my room staring at my planner about things I need to do and pushing far from my calendar the things I want to do or projects I want to try and accomplish.Probably one of the reasons would be that my thesis is still a blur. Or probably because the bf is also feeling blue these days and he even admitted to me that he is feeling frustrated about his chosen career. I feel bad I can’t do anything to help him and alleviate his troubles because me myself is still fighting all the monsters in my life.  Another reason could be that it’s really tempting to spend money and go out not minding about my budget because I’m feeling stressed out  but I don’t want to end up in a financial trouble.



Hoping tomorrow I can finally get my rhythm back and complete all my deliverable. Oh btw, it’s B’s birthday on Monday and I still don’t know what to get him. It’ my pre-defense for my thesis too.Oh It’s my grad picture taking as well. I will just probably do my own make up because I feel so matanda when somebody does my make up. HANGKAPAL! hehehe! Bet ko yung simple lang. Hehehe! Have to buy some make up pala so I have something to use. =D Oras!!!!! 

Okay, mag workout na muna ako dear.! Penge namang oras jan. Hehehe!  


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