You have a blog?!

Why I blog?

blog-keepcalm ithinkthereforeiblog

  1. It serves as my time capsule. I’m honestly inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal. (Yes!) Hahahaha! He made himself immortalized through his works and entries he posted on his journal. When I’m already old and hopefully much much wiser than I am now, I would like to look back on things I thought were important. Things that made me cry, laugh, smile, worry and all those emotions I’d like to share. I want to see how fool and stupid my thoughts were and how poor my writing skills were Hahahaha! I want to look back from the future and see how petty and simple my concerns were back then and how I managed to be who I am that day. I probably will say “the hell I was thinking?” “Why did I do that for?”
  2. I get to practice my writing skills. I’m no expert at writing and so as with grammar but I’d like to learn. My goal isn’t about perfection anymore, but just to experience, maybe fail then learn. I want to expose myself to be vulnerable enough because I think that starting weak can strengthen you as you go along. Just stick with it, learn from it and do it better the next time.
  3. I want to share information and thoughts I found helpful and useful. I want to help people but sometimes it’s hard to give advice especially if they don’t ask for it. So I tried my best and always remind myself to avoid giving unsolicited advice, for I have done that before and the people I tried to help just didn’t appreciate it for as I realized, they didn’t ask for it even though they need it.
  4. It’s my way of therapy. I get to release things I can’t contain anymore. Emotions I’m afraid to share but have the courage to write. I know it sounds contradicting but sometimes sharing to strangers can be a great relief than sharing things to your loved ones and closest friends. That’s the reason why some people hire counselors and therapist just to have someone to talk to and divulge everything they feel.
  5. When I write I get to rationalize my thoughts and my feelings. I can hear myself talking and when I read it, I feel like a different person. I can view myself from the outside. Hahaha!
  6. I want to be real, honest, weak, strong, stupid, and ugly or anything people will think I am for the things I post here. Hahahaha! I don’t know but as far as I remember, being a perfectionist does have its advantages but it didn’t serve me well. I became a chronic procrastinator, fearful and anxious. I put off things because I waited for the perfect time, perfect place, perfect mood, perfect emotion and all imaginary perfections. Well newsflash! There’s no such thing as perfect! I can choose to take that imperfect situation and make the most out of it. I want to be honest and be real. I don’t care about what other people has to say anymore for as long as I do no harm to them. Why the heck not?! I don’t want to limit myself anymore. Life is short and I don’t want to live it hiding in my imaginary perfect world. Everything has flaws and I like things that have flaws for those things are real.

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