Fooling yourself

I don’t actually know if I should write about this or just keep mum over this, but I thought that one of the reasons why I intend to have this blog is to have it as a platform where I can vent out or rant about things I consider is important.

So here it goes. I just finished taking my midterm exam for one of my major subjects (Well lahat naman ata ng subjects ko ngayon ay puro major), and I was so disappointed! Not with my score, but with how students see what examination really is.  For me, exams are placed to measure what we have learned as well as to teach us values such hard work, discipline and honesty.  For me, values really matter most for these are things that will actually lead you to a better future. Those textbooks information is really cool to know but at the end of the day, when you are entering the workforce, those values you have learned in school and have managed to practice day in day out will be a huge factor of whether you’ll succeed in your chosen path. I hate to say this, but I think those students don’t realize that when they are cheating, they only cheat themselves and not their professors. It’s really disappointing that such things as easy as examination, you will choose to cheat by getting the answer key from other sections who have taken the test earlier. Is that how much you underestimated your ability?  I don’t feel bad because I worked really hard and did my best in studying the material and all they have to do was to get the answer key and remember the letters. I wonder if they even read the questions. Anyhow, I’m proud of myself that through hard work I get my score which is pretty high, may not be perfect but at least I’m proud of myself that it reflected my work and ability. On the other hand, I  feel sorry for them for not feeling this happiness I’m feeling right now, that genuine happiness by knowing that you did your very best and achieved things from honest hard work. There is dignity in hard work; do not deny yourself with the greatest pleasure of all: the satisfaction that comes with self-achievement. Knowing that you deserve and work hard for what you have.

Another thing, please don’t disappoint your parents. Probably, your parents are working really hard to send you to school. You can maybe fool them by acing the test but the hardest enemy of all, is yourself, your conscience. Please try to live your life in a way that your parents will be proud of you, maybe not because of the things you have achieved, or material possession you have, but by assuring to yourself that those values your parents tried hard to inculcate to you will pay off. Give them honor and comfort by knowing that whether someone is looking or not, you are making them proud.

I don’t’ know if this rant makes me so traditional but I really place high importance in honesty and dignity because for me, your acts will follow you wherever you go.


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