Please wake me up

As I was writing this post,I am so piss with my internet connection because it takes forever to load. I even have to write this on my MS Word then I’ll just copy and paste it later on my blog. (LOSER!!). It’s just so pathetic not having a decent connection these days. Anyhow, early this morning as I was sipping my morning coffee, I browsed through the net and read some nice articles. I came across this article from yahoo, and I feel so ashamed of myself for waking up a little late these days. When I was working back then, I can get up as early as 2:30 am for my 4 am shift at work. I can start my day so early and get to finish a lot of things. Nowadays, I started feeling bad for myself for I usually wake up at 8:00 am. When I was still working, waking up at 6 am was such a bliss already, but now I find it difficult to wake up at 7 am!!! What the hell happened?!! I also feel that I am not being productive and efficient in using my time. I know I can do so much with my “not-so-busy-schedule” because I am just a full time student. Ang tamad ko!! Even when it comes to working out and dieting, parang mas masipag pa ako before na sobrang busy ko. Now, I have a looootttt of excuses.

Hayyyy I have to get back on track, especially after reading that article from yahoo. Those executives wake up as early as 4 am and workout every day. They know the value of time and the importance of working out. I have to do this!!!


Yeah as much as you wake me up too! =D *wink*

Why you gotta be so good, are you even human too?!!! hahahaha! #Cornybells



I know fear has nothing to do with this but Four has so much to do with this. Hahahaha! 

Okay gotta lift my butt now off the sofa and start doing my Psych Testing paper. =D I really have to be productive today! Will try to update on how I go about it.




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