Post Midterms Recovery


Technically, I still have 2 more subjects left for Midterms because my professor suddenly postponed it and told us to just take it on Monday. So I still have to deal with those subjects,but not for now,battle will start on Sunday afternoon after my church duty.Anyhow, I’d like to reward myself for a job well done for the exams I have taken. I got a decent score! I know it’s hard to perfect a departmental examination because there will always be questions you don’t even know where the hell came from. Having thought of that, I was feeling a bit lazy and discouraged in studying but then I told myself that I will study because it’s cool to know things whether or not it will be included on the exam,whether or not it will be reflected on my exam score. The goal is to study as much as I can because if I focus on the limited time I have and the probability that the lessons I’ll study won’t be in the exam anyway, I will be so so discourage. So I just make the most out of what I can do,just read as much as I can and understand as much information I was presented. It worked!!! Yes, the materials I studied came up on the test!!!! and I’m thankful to God it did. By the way, the most important thing I did was to offer a devotional prayer 1 week ahead of the test!:) Asking for His guidance and help. I know there are things I can’t control, but doing my part on the things I can control and trusting Him enough really deliver fantastic result!

So ayun na nga because of my tiring days, I indulged myself in a Big Bang Theory Marathon!!:) I would usually choose to stay at home,read a book or watch a movie than to go out and spend some money. Feeling ko kasi pag stress ako and pagod I have a tendency to spend on stupid useless stuff. It was a rainy day and it’s pretty cold so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and isolate myself in my room. I couldn’t spend this day with the bf because he’s sick and he’s afraid that my frail and sickly body will take all the virus he can give me. I tucked myself early to bed and woke up this morning feeling fresh freshan and well rested.
Tapos na ang kape ko and I should start cleaning my room for I literally weren’t able to do anything lastnight. hehehe! I should start working out too because I can feel my muscles become so weak. Hehehe.
Ikaw, how do you recover from a test trauma?! hahahaha!


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