How to save money on skin care

I am very proud of myself that I was able to dramatically changed my lifestyle. All I did was take some time and take a good look at my spending habits. If only I have realized these things back then, I could have saved more money. Anyhow, there’s no use in regretting things I already did, that’s just counterproductive. I’m just happy that I didn’t get myself into debts or anything more stupid than all the stupid things I consider I did.

I’ll share some of the things I did that really curb my spending. Let’s start with some changes I did for my skin care.

  1. Know what works for me

You should know your skin type and the problems you want to address. I have combination skin, it runs from very oily and very dry at times. I also have a very sensitive skin and I break out easily. I usually get zits when my monthly period is coming for a visit,whenever I get too stressed out and when I lack sleep. I used to have all sorts of beauty creams but never did me so much wonders and I’m not satisfied so I just stick with the basic and nothing fancy. I wash my face -tone-moisturize-put on sunblock.

2. Buy quality items.

Once you figured what works for you. INVEST and build your skin regimen based on basic but quality items.

That’s right! I used to be penny wise but pound  foolish on these things. I skimp on quality items because I thought they are overpriced. Result? I tend to spend more. Why? Because I’m not satisfied with the things the products promised me they will deliver. Sure the upfront price might be much but if you’re happy with the result chances are you will be contented and not look for other expensive creams or products.

I use VMV toner, VMV moisturizer and Physiogel facial wash. I also put on my sunblock- all hypoallergenic products. I spend on these things but I have discovered some steps to save money on these products .

3. Use little.

Just use few drops or pea sized should work well. You actually only need a pea-sized amount of product, not an entire palm full.

4. Alternate.

I made my own toner that I only use during the night so I can save on my VMV toner. I made apple cider vinegar solution and use it just every night because I don’t want to use it in the morning for I’m afraid I might stink. It works well on me. =D I also use virgin coconut oil as an alternative for my night moisturizer.

5. Checked my make up pouch.

I seriously couldn’t believe how fool I was before. Seriously?? I have all these makeup??? Artista ba ako?! model? hahahaha! Now, all I have are: face powder, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. I use my lipsticks as blush on too.

6. Save on cosmetics.

I’m happy to say that I can now walk around without makeup. I try putting on very minimal cosmetics. These days, I only put on some loose powder, do my eyebrows and just a dash of blush. THAT’S IT!

7. Buy in bulk.

Take advantage of the wholesale price. I only buy my toiletries every 6 months, it’s way cheaper. However, it’s imperative to be 100% happy with those products you will buy. I mean, you should be able to use those things or it will be a huge waste.

8. Take advantage of rewards promo.

9. Clean my room. Sanitize my phone and computer.

10. Drink plenty of water.

11. Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.

12. Exercise.

13. Eat balanced diet.

14. Wash my hands regularly.

15. Make my own exfoliating scrubs. I use  brown sugar and milk.

I hope this post helps.


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