Miss Fix- a-lot

I find joy looking at things getting fixed. Maybe because I don’t like wasting. I have a habit of salvaging things, from left over food to missing buttons in a dress. Come to think of it, if we only try to fix things before throwing them out then we can save money and not only that, we can also help conserve the environment. I don’t like adding unnecessary garbage to our environment. Feeling ko kasi pag tinapon ko ang isang gamit naiimagine ko yung mga tambak na basura sa Payatas. Hahahaha! Don’t get me wrong, salvaging things is different from hoarding. Hoarding is keeping things you don’t need anymore just because you find pleasure with keeping things. The perceived importance of hoarded items far exceeds its true value. You just don’t want to throw away unneeded items because of the feeling of attachment to those things. On the other hand, salvaging is saving things you need by repairing it and taking care of it.
So I urge you to take care of what you have now and utilize it up to the last centavo you had paid for it. 🙂

So ayun I took advantage of Mr.Quickie’s 20% discount promo today! Promo runs from August 15 to 17 and as per their ads, it’s available nationwide.


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