I gave up but He didn’t


Hello there! I suddenly felt like blogging tonight.It’s Friday and I don’t have anything to do so there. Okay okay I’m not writing this post just because I’m bored or just because I have nothing else to do. In fact, I have tons of things to do! Yes I miss blogging that’s all! So here’s my invalid excuse for being so lazy in updating this blog,……. I’m studying! You have read it right! I’m a full time student this time. I took a course I really think is interesting and something I really believe in. It will just be for 2 semesters so as for me to be able to get a license. Anyhow, remember my previous  post: https://enjoyingfrugalitychic.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/sick-sad-slaughtered/? I thought I won’t make it. I thought the doors had already shut me out but apparently, when I already gave up He showed me His power. He showed me how impossible things can work out according to His plan. He showed to my face that in just a snap He can turn things around. Suddenly, those people who said I couldn’t make it came up to me and proposed plans I never thought would be possible. They even volunteered to help me out and make things way way easier than I thought. I even feel special these days for they give me extra attention and full support I can never repay. I truly believe that He shut the door for me when I thought that I can do everything just on my own because He wants to open the door for me Himself. Oh and that’s not all! After that blessing, I was offered a wonderful scholarship, namiss ko tuloy yung scholar days ko sa FEU.=D Ganun talaga siguro pag sinwerte ka naman e tuloy tuloy din.

I had to quit my job although that was hard for me to do since I deeply love my job but I want to cherish the remaining months I’ll be spending in the university. I also want to enjoy my studies! Now, I may have crazy schedules due to deadlines and thesis I have to complete but I like this kind of craziness. These craziness that makes me sane. Gulo no? Ewan magulo ata talaga ako. Kaya here I am just enjoying everything I get to experience and learn. Stress? Positive stressors naman so for me it’s a blessing.

So as I have mentioned earlier, I am a full time student kaya I have to use my savings to spend on my allowance. I stopped asking my dad for allowance kasi nga naman 25 years old na ako and I feel that I have to just pay for my own education since ginusto ko naman to.=D Blessing talaga that I won’t have to pay for my tuish!! #ForeverGrateful! Of course I don’t want to deplete my savings with an excuse na I’m studying. For me, it’s lame. I don’t believe that because you have something you must use it all. I now believe in conserving resources, may it be time, energy or money. I don’t like wasting things maybe because I have wasted a loooooottttt of time, money, energy and even opportunities before. Kaya bawi bawi din pag may time. Heheheh! BAWAL NA MAG AKSAYA! I want to make the most out of everything I have now! and when I say everything..I mean EVERYTHING!!!! Lucky lang siguro ako because I don’t have any responsibilities sa ngayon. I was blessed with parents who are very much independent. Who help me enough. Even though I don’t ask money from them for my allowance they are capable enough to sustain themselves and even for our family. So I don’t have to pay anything sa bahay. That’s why I can afford to study and not work but I promise after this, I will do everything I can to give them or help them even though they don’t ask for it.

Ayan medyo in the loop na kayo sa life ko these days. Para mas in the loop pa kayo here are some of my recent photos. Feeling kolehiyala talaga ang peg!

10481389_1489462844622469_3865217481865887835_n  10450598_1490014611233959_2318006832538858320_n10288747_1512193259016094_4632063634386109788_n10418382_1488399541395466_4254959288743766918_n10450166_1514011682167585_7039734658171225733_n



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