Be vulnerable

I reckoned my first day in class as nerve-wracking,intimidating and I felt bonkers. My head was just filled with unjustified paranoia imagining myself being eaten by bunch of post grad accountants, businessmen and managers. As a result, I anticipated a disaster but it turned out absolutely the opposite. My students are so kind,smart and humorous. Despite our age gaps,we seem to get along pretty well.I get high everyday because of all their intelligent inputs, life experience and delighted comments. I know it’s really challenging and even up to now I still have to review our lessons over and over before I present it but nevertheless, it’s exhilarating knowing that I’m also learning everyday. 



Mr.Park’s Bread and Cake /Etude House Color my brows-birthday present of one my students/Heart warming birthday card.





Coffee Bean birthday surprise.=D





Now I have just realized that life begins as you get out of your comfort zone. I remember what my boss told me, “our biggest fear carries our biggest growth.” #ThrowbackThursday#MyStudentsPabaonAndPasalubong


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