My babies



My source of happiness these days. Yes,teaching is hard but it is really a fulfilling career. Ohhh!!!!! By the way, I just got promoted as an assistant head teacher! Thank God! Really a blessing! I’m very happy and grateful for the opportunity to learn more.I know this is God’s will and I’m ready to do everything I can to work harder. Naalala ko pa before why I hesitated on pursuing my career in teaching although deep within my heart I know that this is really what I love doing.It’s because of the pay. I must admit that my pay is not as much what I used to have,but I don’t mind.  I used to value how much my pay check is(sino ba namang hindi diba? We want to earn, that is why we work!) but now, my goal is to help others while learning as well. Money? Of course! But it’s not my number 1 priority anymore.  As Jessie J sings “It’s not about the money,money,money… We just wanna make world dance,forget about the price tag..”  =D ohh yeah Jessie J! =D As long as I can get by and save a little, I’m fine with it.  What’s important is that I love what I do. I’m finally doing something I really believe in. I just need to learn how to budget my finances correctly so I can still save money. This will be a challenging task for me and that is why I really have to be aware of my spending. This blog can be a great help for me to track my progress.  Let’s see if I can make this work…. Challenge accepted! =D May God help me. Have a happy Friday!


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