happy 2014!

Jun and I decided that we will always be together during New Year’s eve celebration.The challenge we had was to whose family are we going to be with on that special day.I believe most of you guys had the same challenge.=D So we both agreed that we take turns.Last year,he spent the New Year’s eve with my family so it’s my turn for this year and guess where spent it?? Image

Oh yes you’re right! In Pico de Loro of course! Image


Watched the last sunset for the year by the beach with my fave man=D What a lovely sight! Image


At night we had a dinner buffet and I got so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures of it! hahahahaha! 

We listened to Reggae music played by the band for that was the theme for that night.Of course who wouldn’t love the beautiful fireworks display when the clock hits 12! Parang pyrolympics! hahahaha!

At the middle of the fireworks display, I silently offered a prayer with a thankful and hopeful heart that may He still guide me and my family! I can’t help but miss my family though. =C I just reminded myself how blessed and lucky I was so I just have  to enjoy what I have now and who I’m with and the thought that next year Jun and I will be with my family. =DGood place=good food=good company = good year to come! Awesome!


Happy New Year!!!!


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