When I was asked by my friends as to where I wish I live if I were given a chance to choose  and the only condition is that it should also be in the Philippines.I only have one place in my mind! BAGUIO!!!!!

So when I got a chance to travel, I suggested to my friends that we go to BAGUIO!

It all started with a simple talk about ukay ukay and sporting our boots! =D hahaha! and little did we notice we were all talking about how we can get to Baguio!

So as planned, we will stay there for just 2 days. December 23 and 24,2013.

December 22,2013

We all first went to church and asked our minister to pray for the three of us. Then we headed to Victory Liner Cubao terminal. We initially didn’t plan about getting on a first class bus for our goal for this trip was to enjoy on a budget but then when we saw the facilities of the bus including built in comfort room,extra legroom seats,power plug, wifi, television and most of all, we didn’t have to go on stop overs because the travel time will be shorten in half, we were all SOLD!! The ticket costs 715 php per person, not bad because the regular ticket costs around 400+ php if I’m not mistaken. Oh by the way, it includes 1 bottle of mineral water, 1 cupcake or mamon I guess and  1 pack of chips.





Very friendly and cheerful ate “stewardess.”


Very few passengers! See! It’s like we rent the bus for the 3 of us! =D hahahahaha!

I must commend Victory Liner for being so prompt and friendly the whole time! Even the lady guard is  kind enough to take our pictures! =D Thank you ate! We left Cubao at around 10ish and we arrived in Baguio at 2am and its soooooo darn cold,then we asked for the taxi driver to drive us to our transient place which we were able to reserve with the help of Fairy’s friend,ate Cielo! We only paid 250 php per person per night! Cheapo!! We all doze off and enjoyed the chilly night as we were all excited for Mr. Sun to come out so we can start our Baguio get away! =D


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