New found love

I know its unhealthy!!!! It’s Sunday! My cheat day so who cares?:)  (defensive?)
During Sundays,pahirapan ang makakainan here in Ortigas. Walang food sa pantry ng office namin and most of the fastfood places around the vicitiny are close.I usually have my packed lunch  so hindi ito normal na problem for me. Sadly,I wasn’t able to prepare my baon this morning. 😦 So ayun hunger games ang peg ko.
I really hate it when I don’t have my packed lunch to work because I tend to spend a lot and eat unhealthy food. However,I tried being positive by thinking that I can get to eat my favorite foods. Whenever I failed to bring my packed lunch to work dalawa lang pinagpipilian kong kainin for lunch.

1. Siomai.

2. Hot pot in 711

This Hotpot is making its way to my #1 fave noodles. I’m glad it’s now available in Manila. Yummmminesss!:) You may want to taste the soup first before adding the powder seasoning kase maalat na siya friend. 🙂 obtw,I got it for 35 pesos. 🙂




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