Cook with love

I used to be afraid of frying pan, stove and all those kitchen stuffs because I know it will  turn out terribly awful.After several mishaps,I somehow slowly gained confidence in the kitchen. I now find myself browsing recipes for my fave food as well as J’s.  Whenever we eat out,I check the menus and challenge myself  on how to make my own version of it in a cheaper way. These past few days, I’ve been cooking for J and my family and surprisingly, they all love it. Naniniwala na ako ngayon that the best ingredient is really your heart. How much you want your loved ones to enjoy whatever you cooked for them.Such happiness when you hear them wanting more and seeing those smiles make my heart skip a beat.Sure,we can always treat them out to dine but it will somehow hurt your pocket.For someone like me,who is just making enough,  I can’t afford to always treat my family out.So I have to be creative in making them happy.Cooking it myself is what I can think of. May extra smile pa from your family since it’s more heartfelt and they’ll know you put your time,effort and heart into it.My heart jumped for joy when J told me “Bi alam na alam mo na talaga yung panlasa ko.” Proud and happy girlfriend right here♥  Yay!:)
Mom and my sister call me “chef.” hahaha feeling expert naman ako.

cooked pumpkin soup and tempura. (mukhang hindi tempura pero sabi nila masarap daw:))


Breaded chicken breast with cheese and ham.

So if you want to save money,you may want to consider learning how to cook.Actually nowadays,when I got tempted to eat out nanghihinayang na ako because I now know that cooking it myself will cost me way way cheaper..In that way,I save money and I get to stick to my diet because I know and control what I put on my food.Kaya luto luto na and baon baon na lang ng food sa office!:)
Happy cooking everyone.



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