I have been hearing about this unique ice cream place along Maginhawa street in Quezon city for some time now but since I am not really into sweets such as  ice cream  for some reason I don’t know, I just stayed mum about it. hehehe. I always tell my friends that I’m sweet enough myself and don’t need to eat something sweet anymore. hahahah. I read a lot of fascinating reviews about this spot so I decided to give in considering that it’s just few steps away from my place. I heard that they serve ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen.I was like,ice cream with whaaat?!!!
Is that safe?!!! I have to be honest,the skeptical in me just got rocking.You see this caution board scared me more but as I watched other people at the store,I slowly regained my enthusiasm just by seeing how happy they were.Plus I have the boyfie to try it first!:)))) hehehehehe *insert here evil laugh* but yeah I let him tried it first:) hahahahaha.



Periodic table menu! I then suddenly thought of my love for The big bang theory.



We ordered Dragon’s breath S’mores,four pieces bite sized wafers and grahams with a cup of LN2.We were instructed to dip it to the Ln2 for 7 seconds.


We ordered Toasted marshmallow ice cream as well,which costs 110 php. It’s party in my mouth!!:) Love it! Even J liked it.It’s insanely delicious. The sweetness is just enough to make you hahahahappy.They have several choices of ice cream that sound yummy too and I’m excited to try them out.


Look at my man :))

hay naku si april kung  san san na naman ako dinala/ano ba to?/uy umuusok ah!/kakaiba to/cge nga/wow!/


afraidie aguilar ako ng very light:) nabokot ata akez sa signchina about liquid nitrogen but keri lang because winner naman ang peg ng ice cream dito:)


Oh one more thing, parking space is a challenge and their shop is pretty small so you may want to  bring extra patience with you.

The iscremist is open daily from 1pm to 10:00 pm
46 D Magiting street,Teacher’s Village,Quezon City.


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