My friend told me that if you feel like shopping,just organize your room and you’Il find treasures that will curb your shopping desire. That makes a lot of sense, since I tend to buy things that I thought I don’t have only to find out that I already have one.Very wrong!:) So when I felt a strong desire to shop,I just went to my room and gather all the sipag I have to clean and organize.I discovered that I got alot of eyewears already! Thanks to my work’s optical benefits:) hahahaha! I think I may need another hanger for these babies because I decided to remove them from their respective cases since they take a lot of space in my closet. Alam niyo naman I  only have a tiny happy roomie.I also used the clips I got from a bazaar to hang some pictures that reminds me how beautiful life is. Lumipas ang desire magshop and naayos pa ang room ko:) 2 birds in stone! hahaha! 0 gastos 100% fulfillment.


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