Inspirations from SpongeBob


I fell in love with this yellow sponge nick character since high school.You can easily know that I am obsess with”Spongie” since most of my stuff are with his face on it.  I even got his face on my table =D I’m not only amaze with his sponginess , I mean cuteness but also with his little ways of inspiring me.Truly, inspirations can really be drawn everywhere, all we have to do is to have an open mind and appreciate the beauty in everything.  Since I really heart SponegBob here are some of the things I admire about him:

1. You make your own happiness.

Image    Image

2. Never let the judgment of others discourage you from doing what you love and never ever give up!

SpongeBob is currently in Boating School where he has never passed the test, which annoys his teacher, Mrs. Puff. But despite that, he still continues to try and try even though he always messes up.

Image   spongebob fai;l 4. know what you wnt

3.Always be enthusiastic.


4.Ignore cruel and negative people and influence your friends to do the same.


5 Work hard!!

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SpongeBob knows how to enjoy his job and he is indeed an excellent fry cook who mastered the art of creating Krabby patty.You  can see how enthusiastic he is at work .He treats his job in high priority and is constantly the employee of the month. (Well technically, there are only two staff in Krusty Krab! Him and Squidward) but hey! EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH IS STILL EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! =D and to do it consistently is a great deal! I remember my good friend told me to do my best at whatever task I have at hand no matter how small and simple the task is. She even said “if you are a janitor! Be the best janitor in the entire world! Good point! I also watched an episode about SpongeBob being forced to take his vacation leave. He couldn’t resist sneaking in Krusty Krab because he felt so incomplete without his job.There is also this episode that I watched when SpongeBob got late and he decided to live beside Krusty Krab just so he won’t never be late again. That is DEDICATION right there!


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