Oh yeah?:)

     Our team was given more challenging work loads thus more responsibilites.I can remember how surprised and annoyed we were when we learned about the uptrainings. I myself was overwhelmed since the trainings that we had were cutten short so that means all topics were compressed due to restraints in production requirements.I hate changes.I tend to panic when situations are new to me. I hate it when things are not going according to how I planned it should be.That is the reason why I plan everything from what to wear,what to eat and what to do.
       Surprisingly,I now enjoy it. I just realized that I get to learn new things and new skills.Somehow,change is good.It allows new opportunities and experiences. Now, time flies so fast and I’m not on auto pilot mode anymore 🙂 Yung tipong sa sobrang paulit ulit lang yung ginagawa mo sa araw araw nakakatamad ng gawin? I learned that it is  good to come out of your comfort zone once in awhile and try to explore new things that you’ll be amazed you would enjoy.True that as you go out of your comfort zone,you will then expand your comfort zone.Don’t be afraid of changes,it will help you be the best person you can possibly be and THAT IS WHY IT’S CONSTANT.

My pretty team mates. Russ and Julie.

Ate amy and Juvy.

Last day of our training.Our trainers Laiza and Paul organized a team lunch.Thanks for the treat!

Our super funny and down to earth trainer,Laiza.


Thank God  for blessing me with trainers,colleagues and boss who are all understanding and easy to be with.


Godbless ya’ll.


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