Beauty tip # 2 DIY manicure pedicure

Who doesn’t love clean nails? I myself is very particular with my nails that is why I always see to it that my nails are cutten short.Super “pudpod” ang bet ko sa nails. I used to visit salons just to get my nails groomed and of course to get pampered na din.I used to be addicted with nail polish, to the extent na it should match with the color of my clothes pa. When I started having a closer look on how my finances are being allocated,I was surprised that I spent almost 600 php every month just to get my nails done. Manicure and pedicure cost around 110 php(cheapest na yan ah) and I used to do it once a week plus ate manicurista’s tip. So I decided to just buy my own manicure set which  costs me around 300 php. I have been using these for 4 years already since I bought a big bottle of cuticle remover and merthiolate. I got my nail cutter,pusher,nipper and brush. Aside from the savings I get out of doing my own nails,I get the convenience of doing it at my place anytime I want. I think it is also more hygienic because you get to use your own tools which you can sterilize from time to  SAVINGS+CONVENIENCE+TIME SAVER+HYGIENIC=WINNER! Go grab your own set:)


Sorry for the not so good picture.I just used my phone camera.


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