My “nagmamayamang” skin

I have unwanted visitors and illegal settlers on my face right now–> pimples! I hate pimples so much! Well,nobody wants them anyway.I really don’t know what did I do that made me breakout this much.So I had to have a complete skin regimen make over. I just don’t have so much “vanity budget” right now so as much I want to buy all vmv products from facial wash to blush on I really can’t. =C Poor me.So if there’s anyone out there reading this post who’s kind enough and would like to donate some vmv products then by all means please do , I’ll be the happiest girl on earth! hahahaha! just joking! (jokes are half meant!).So since my “little wallet” can’t afford to buy all vmv products I need, I had to think real hard which products to dump and which are to be kept.I think what made me break out so much was the switched I made to non hypoallergenic skin products and make ups because its cheaper and it look so good on my face, un pala mag baback fire sha in the long run.I’m on “tipidity mode” right now and I had to cross out some stuffs out of my expenses and try cheaper alternatives but I was very wrong!! Now it caused me more because I had to visit my dermatologist and underwent facial cleaning which I havent done for ages na because my skin was “pretty happy” lately, until this break out incident happen (maka inicident naman parang breaking news!).Lesson learned:”April, there are things na hindi tinitipid and learn to carefully assess things na titipirin. so here are the products I’m now using:
1.Cleanser-I’ll stick with my cetaphil.It’s very mild and suites my sensitive “nagmamayaman” skin. I don’t think this is the cause of my pimples because I’ve been using it for ages na and okay naman.It’s also budget-friendly,it costs me 102php for a month use.


2.Toner- I havent used it for a while ewan ko ba tinamad ako mag toner for the past few months.Kaloka!! E the steps daw are cleanse-tone and moisturize. So very wrong ako dun for skipping the step 2.I was planning on buying vmv toner but I saw this Neutrogena alcohol free toner ko sa drawer and 1/4 pa lang nababawas ko kaya I’ll go back to using it na lang since poorita mirasol ako these days.This costs me around 300 php , I don’t remember nga lang the exact amount.


3.Moisturizer-Eto ang culprit! I’ve been using neutrogena moisturizer but I switched to Myra e tinted moisturizer!It was okay at first aside from the glittery face na may twilight vampire effects.Tipid sha in a way because I don’t need to wear sunscreen anymore and I just put on some powder okay na. Nasobrahan lang ata ako sa gamit kaya aun nagreklamo na si face ko! super na dry sha and nag crack kaya nagka pimples ako ng sobra ang kati kati pa nya. huhuhu! that’s why I now switched to vmv hypoallergenics. I didn’t buy neutrogena anymore because it’s just of the same price as that of vmv konti na lang idadagdag ko so I choose VMV over neutrogena. This vmv moisturizer costs me 770php and I can say that it’s doing great on my face, Hindi na po sha itchy and nawala na ung mga patches of redness and dryness.


4.Sunscreen-I don’t know why I always skip this when in fact this has always been my dermatologist number 1 advice.Stubborn girl! As I read,when worn daily, sunscreens help minimize the harmful effects of UVB and UVA on DNA. They also help shield important proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin, which keep skin smooth and firm.I want to buy VMV Armada sunblock but I’m now using Belo face sunblock spf 40,as per the label its non comedogenic and hypo allergenic.I just saw this sa drawer ko ,hindi ko din nagagamit.I’ll see how I go with this first ,if it won’t cause me break out I might stick to it for more “tipidity purpose.”


5.mAKE UP- I can’t believe that I havent wear make up na for a week!! nasa “oplan rehabilitation” ang face ko!I had to choose on either wearing make up but I have to buy vmv foundation and blush on or no make up at all. So anong mas tipid? edi wag mag make up!! I can say that it took a lot of courage to do it! I find it hard at first since I can’t get out of the house without make up! I don’t feel confident and I feel like I’m sick! But I can’t afford to splurge on my make up now, maybe atleast for now.I just have to be happy with my lip gloss+mascara+eyebrow =D and honestly, I feel like loving it! I can feel that my skin is giving me a big thank you and AHHHHHHHHH!!! Parang naging vegetarian sha! hahaha! I can feel na super light ng pakiramdam without make up!I can save time pa because I don’t have to spend time on putting my make up plus save on money pa for cosmetics!and the best part is my face is getting better na! Thank You Lord! I decided not to wear make up anymore unless there’s very special events I have to attend or every Sunday when I have to fulfill my church duty! Shempre I want to look on my best naman.I figured,”the bf” always says that he wants me without make up on and mas gusto daw nya is natural AND i’M SO HAPPY–no! I’m so ELATED!!!buti na lang hindi maarte ang baby ko, he’s such a very simple man! Such a blessing! but don’t get me wrong I still love make ups! I really do! but I don’t think my skin loves it as much as I do and so do my wallet! Hahahaha!


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