Catching up with April

Hey I’ve been so possitively preoccupied these past few days. I’ll just squeeze everything on this post =D

*Work- I’m still adjusting with the work load,schedules and location. I used to be in Eastwood for 3 1/2 years and now I was transferred to Ortigas. It’s a bit challenging everyday but I can say that I’m getting the hang of it. Looking at the positive side, I have to do a lot of walking everyday so it’s an exercise for me . =D There’s a lot of trainings I attended and still grasping all those concepts so I think I’m still on the “getting there stage!” =D
*School- I’m so proud of myself because I figured out new ways on how I could submit all my deliverables on time, I can study my lessons during avail time.=D Multi -tasking? Hehehe!
*Family- I’m trying real hard to spend some quality time with family and Junjun because I felt bad for not being able to attend most of our family gatherings and special occassions due to work and school so I guess I have to create more happy memories with the people I love the most.



*Exercise-Guess who’s been bitten by an exercise bug?! I could say that in my last 22 years of existence(talagang existence?) I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now. I remember when I joined boxing class last year and I felt like faking it. Like kunwari I’m astig pacool strong girl and that I love boxing! Pero sa totoo OMG I hate it!Super nakakapgod talaga! I remember na nahilo talaga ako after my session. After that ayoko ng bumalik! hehehe! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that boxing is’nt good, actually it’s indeed a very good total body workout. Super magpapawis ka and it will really improve your stamina! I think when it comes to exercise or workout you want to commit it’s just a matter of self preferences. Jun’s ate once told me that I should check on other physical activties that I personally like doing so I don’t feel like faking it and that I will enjoy it at the same time. So there! I check on badminton and I really love it but I don’t think badminton loves me too! One way love affair lang! and ayoko nun! hmp! hahaha! nah I think the challenge I had with badminton was that I had to look for a badminton playmate since obviously I can’t play badminton alone. Then one day,my friend and I passed by fitness first megamall and because of the persistence of the sales rep and all the pangungulit (yes hard work does really pay off! kudos to kuya sales rep) I find myself handing out my credit card and affixing my signature on their contract paper. I was afraid at first because there’s a lot of “what ifs” in my mind. Like what if I can’t keep it and will just end up wasting money. What if blah blah blah but I was like what the hell there’s only one way to find out! just give it a go! I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there! and I think I have to stop over analyzing things and stop being there!! Now I’m so glad to share to you guys that I’m a happy member of fitness first. I fell in love with their spinning class, yoga and did I mention dance class? yeah perfect! I’m so glad I don’t have to drag myself everytime I go to the gym and I don’t feel the “OMG-IT’S-SWEATING-MY-ASS-TIME-AGAIN?!!” I don’t visualize gym as hell burning my ass that’s why kating kati na ako umuwi! I’m happy na hindi ko namamalyan that time flies pag nag wowork out ako! =D yiheee I’m pretty excited everyday because I get to dance with real cool music and do “my thing” without a care in the world! =D hehehe! I could unleash the other side of myself and release all negative energy! Kahit na mali mali yung steps ko I just laugh at myself since nobody knows me naman sa gym. (I guess?) Unless they have named me na “ang-babaeng-wala-sa-beat” or “trying-hard-little-fat-girl” hehehe! sana naman hindi no? Well I really don’t care its not my pacute mode naman, it’s beast mode everytime I go to the gym! I go to the gym to lose weight and be healthy not to do all the pacute stuff!  I’m glad that there are times that things happen by accident or out of impulsiveness and you stop over analyzing things and just go with it but to your surprise it will turn out so great that you wonder why it took you so long to have the guts to do it! Well,s abi nga JUST DO IT! –NIKE ENDORSER? HEHEHE! How I wish! OBTW, I lose 5 kilos na in a month! Gudluck to me! =D I hope I could keep the spirit! =D




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