Holiday season=BEING BROKE??!


I promise myself that this season, I will not dip into my savings just to buy presents for my family and friends. I’ve been trying real hard to be frugal but that doesn’t mean na hindi na ko talaga magbibigay ng presents. I guess its just a matter of knowing what you can afford. Feeling ko before mahirap humanap ng presents na mura lang but I was wrong. Although it may take extra efforts and time in choosing what presents to give but it can be done.
Here’s what I did :
1.Plan.Plan.Plan-What I did was I carefully thought of what to buy,where to buy and when to buy. I did check din ang ibat ibang prices and I also planned when to buy it para isang puntahan na lang and hindi sayang sa pamasahe,time and pagod. Set a specific budget din so you can avoid going over your budget.
2.Keep a list at hand and stick to it.-Well sayang ang plan pag di naman tayo nagstick to it.
3.DIY gift wraps and cards-I used crepe papers and manila paper para tipid and at the same time cute and may personal touch pa + eco friendly din.


Sabi nga nila its the thought that counts. Alam mo yung feeling that you give gifts and you put smile on someone’s face and make them feel that you took time and exerted efforts –man thats happiness!!!BUT isn’t it better na you can still smile after ng holiday season because you’re not broke and didn’t get into debt?


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