Glass half full or half empty?



Guess who worked today?! YESSS ITS ME!! Thank you very much!! Mind you my shift was at 5 am, oh yes such a loser right? Plus I  find it really hard to adjust because I came from a prime time shift. I really felt so bad because it seems like everyone including “the boyfriend” can stay up late and do crazy stuff aside from me. You can imagine my face when I heard my alarm clock rang at 3:30 am. I so felt like snugging up in bed and stay in the dreamland, but as reality started kicking in oh men I have to go to work. So I dragged myself to bath and while taking a bath I reckoned, its been 4 years that I’ve been working during holidays hindi pa ba ako nasanay?! and I was like HELL NO!!! I WANT TO SLEEP!! buti na lang “the bf” was extra sweet  today dahil hinatid niya ako so hindi ako nahirapan pumasok and may libreng breakfast pa!Thanks baby! While we’re waiting for our orders, I saw a panhandler begging for food out in the cold  with barely no clothes at all. It suddenly hit me! Why the hell am I complaining about going to work? I should be thankful because I’m lucky that God gave me skills so I can work and earn. A lot of people are having a hard time finding  jobs that will pay them well. I’m lucky that I have great bosses and co workers who are all so awesome. I should be thankful that I have Jun to help me so I don’t stand in the cold all by myself. I should be thankful that I have food and can even sip some hot chocolate on this cold morning. I felt sorry for being so reklamador at times. I tend to rant and see things negatively. Why can’t I focus on the positive sides rather than concentrating on the negatives? Why can’t I see the glass half full rather than half empty? I then realized that working during holidays aren’t so bad a all but rather it’s a blessing from God that you are so special you get to work on special days and get extra pay and special presents.




ootd: top: thrifted, skirt:f21 sale, sneakers-sm deps

Kaya happy na ako! =D and to add to that balik eastwood na kami today so back to my comfort zone!  I saw familiar faces and old friends pa! o diba? elated talaga! Peg ko din today and mga korean foods today!

Nga pala ,well technically I’m not on the production floor today since I’m just on training so chillax lang sa work and we had an early out naman and double pay pa din so ang kapal ko talaga para magreklamo.


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